What To Look For During A Final Walkthrough Of Your New Home

If you are purchasing a brand new home and are preparing to go to your real estate closing appointment, there are several steps you should take before you close on the house. The main step is to perform a final walkthrough of the home the day before closing. The process of walking through is done to make sure everything has been completed before you sign the documents to the house. Here are some of the things you should look for when completing this step of the closing process.

Dings In Walls

As you walk through the home, examine all the walls, trim, and cabinets to make sure there are no dings or scratches on them. As you do this, carry a roll of blue painter's tape and attach a small piece of tape to any area that has damage on it. This will be a great way to let the builder know what areas need some attention before you close on the home.

Unfinished Work

While most builders try to finish everything in a home, there is a chance that they may have missed something here and there. For example, check the closets to make sure the trim was completed in them. Check the back patio to make sure it was finished completely. Check every area of the home to look for things the builder may have forgotten to finish.

Things That Are Broken Or Not Working

Finally, you may want to test things out in the home just to make sure they all work properly. This should include every light switch and fixture in the entire home. It should also include turning the water on with each faucet. As you do this, make sure each faucet has hot and cold water running to them. In addition, you should turn on the heat or AC to make sure it appears to be working normally. By checking these things and asking the builder to fix them, you can be certain everything will be working normally when you take ownership of the house.

If there are things wrong with the home, you could postpone closing if you would like. It's also important to ask the builder if there is a warranty on the home. Most builders offer some type of warranty, which covers fixing most problems that occur within the time frame. If you would like to learn more tips about your real estate closing, hire a lawyer that specializes in real estate from a company like Byron Huffman, PC